RESTful Web services Part 1

What is REST ?

 REST is an Architectural Style, it’s style of software architecture for distributed hypermedia systems such as World Wide Web.

What is RESTful Web services ?

RESTful Web services is an  Application of REST architectural style to services that utilize Web standards (URIs, HTTP, HTML, XML,  Atom, RDF etc.). This architecture style allows us to setup resources, or individual services, that can be identified by a URL and use the HTTP

RESTful Application Cycle

What is HTTP ?

HTTP is a communications protocol that is used on the internet as a means of back-and-forth conversation between the client computer and the server. The protocol has a set of rules that defines how messages can be sent and how to reply.

Principles of REST    mainly there are five REST principals.

• Give everything an ID
• Standard set of methods
• Link things together
• Multiple representations
• Stateless communications

In this post i’m specify the basic concepts of the REST and REST Web services.  Other things  I’m planing to continue with next post.

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